coastal polished concrete
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hiperfloor polished concrete technology

A wide variety of styles and looks can be achieved by selecting from the following:

  • Stone - chose from a variety of different size and colour aggregates to create your ideal floor
  • Grind depth -select a speckled, partial or complete exposure of your chosen aggregates
  • Colour - when chosing your cement, a variety of colours can be obtained
  • Finish - chose from a high polish, mid-gloss, matt, indoor, outdoor, or non-slip wet-area finish
  • Extras - add sand, glass, shell or coral to give your new floor a unique look

Coastal Polished Concrete recommends consultation with your builder and engineer regarding all other concrete specifications for new concrete.

Existing Concrete

For existing concrete, style selection will be pre-determined by the existing concrete's colour, additives and aggregates, however different finishes can be achieved by adjusting the depth of grind and finishes.

Chose from a speckled, partial or complete stone look, and complete your new look with indoor, outdoor or non-slip wet-area finishes.

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